Vino Et Spiritus - About Us

germany-moselfreiherr von Schleinitz estate has 15 acres and production of 6000 cases per year. This estate is recognized as one of the top in the region.  Grape varieties are Riesling 95% and Pinot Noir 5%. The high quality of the wines is continuously confirmed by awards and medals received in regional and national as well as international competitions. Low yields and the use of cultivated yeasts result in well crafted wines which are raised in stainless steel in a modern facility. One can taste balanced Riesling wines with mineral components in the bouquet and vibrant, but fine acidity in the body. A sparkling wine of great elegance is also made from Riesling using the champagne method.

The Hähn family has been in the wine business since 1650. In 1892 Peter Hähn moved to Kobern and started a small winery. In 1956 his grandson Karlheinz Hähn expanded the winery by buying the Freiherr von Schleinitz estate and merged the two keeping the von Schleinitz name. He started to expand the business and develop his vineyards at the same time.
The winery received more and more attention for its quality and achieved a national award in 1979. The quality focus of the winery was confirmed by two additional national awards in 1995 and 2001. Weingut Freiherr von Schleinitz is certainly regarded as a leading winery in the area.

Before working in the winery, Konrad Hähn had gone through internships in larger estates in Germany and France and received his Master in oenology in 1981. He now runs the winery together with his wife Laurel Kerns-Hähn.
Konrad also serves on several honorary tasting and review committees.