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germany-moselhigh Def Riesling is a great value Qualitätswein (late-harvest or over ripe grapes) wine made by James Kellaris & Thomas Haehn (Co-owner of Von Schleinitz Estate, Germany).  They make this wine in the southern sloped Mosel Valley.
While only the third largest of the 13 wine regions of Germany, the Mosel is the most well known in the US. This region is certainly well known for its light, tart and perfume Rieslings, a very dynamic 15th century varietal. The grapes are known for their aromatic, spicy qualities and enjoy a perfect combination in the Mosel valley: slate soils rich in minerality and a cool long growing season which allows the grape to maintain higher acid and to reflect the minerals later in the wine.

After working in wholesale for 5 years, James Kellaris turned to the national import business to further his wine business “education”.  He worked for the premier German wine importer in the US, Rudi Wiest Selections for almost two years. During this time, he was promoting the very best estate-bottled wines of Germany. While traveling the country, he began to see the demand for a high quality “entry-level” Riesling from Germany. After leaving Rudi Wiest Selections, he returned to Germany with a partner to find a good source for a value wine; he found it in Bernkastel at a co-op facility called Moselland. Though it is a large winery, they were able to source some great juice and blend a great wine.
The focus of HD winemakers is to stop misconceptions about the quality of German wine. It’s known that the top wine educators in the world are obsessed with German wines, especially Riesling but US wine drinkers in general have a poor impression of this region.
While James Kellaris & Thomas Haehn play an important role in the concept and promotion of the wine, the true quality control is actually provided by Konrad Hähn, the owner and winemaker of von Schleinitz estate.
He works with them and the local coop Moselland to provide the high quality blend. His 30+ years of tasting and blending experience in the Mosel region as the owner of von Schleinitz estate bring an important part to the HD concept. He also is responsible for the HD Sweet Red blend.