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companhia das Quintas is one of major Portuguese companies in the wine, liqueurs and spirits. The Prova regia (The Royal Proof) is one of its wines of reference and is produced at historic Quinta da Romeira Estate.
portugal-bucelasThe Quinta da Romeira Estate development project began in 1988, focusing on the restoration of an eighteenth century manor house and chapel and including the construction of a state of the art winery and planting of approximately 80 hectares of vineyards, mostly planted with Arinto grapes from the Bucelas region, a variety which is largely responsible for the region’s top quality wines and being the most appropriate grape to produce Bucelas wine, thanks to the unique climatic conditions afforded by this valley located between a river and the sea.
This grape variety reaches the pinnacle of its quality in Bucelas, where it is grown to produce dry, fruity wines of refreshing acidity, rich with citrus notes and some apple and mineral aromas.