Vino Et Spiritus - About Us

the Vercoope is set in the Vinho Verde wine region, the largest region of Portugal and one of the largest demarcated regions in the world, mainly because of its extensive area with a high component of land dedicated to the cultivation of vines which adds a significant percentage of the population directly dependent wine sector and in particular of Vinho Verde. It is a region characterized by a dispersed production of multiple small farms. portugal-vinhoverdeThe Vercoope includes cooperative wineries Amarante, Braga, Guimaraes, Famalicão Felgueiras, Walls, Vale de Cambra, promoting and selling quality wines produced in them which it markets under the brands of Wine Associates - BALCONY KINGS and Amarante, Braga, Guimarães , Famalicão FELGUEIRAS and FELGUEIRAS LAND, WALLS and shad and Vale de Cambra and own brands - VIA - AMERICA and PEACOCK. Dedicated to large markets and buyers, with annual billings of more than 10 million Euros, their brands are more important in supermarkets and hypermarkets, the restoration and distribution specialist, inclusive, available on the Internet. The Vercoope sells about seven million gallons of wine per year, of which account for 12 percent of export values.