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Lportugal-vinhoverdeocally produced honey, medronho, water and secret herbs from the Algarve hills are ingredients for one of the most prestigious Portuguese liqueurs made in Algarve, Brendymel.

Created in 1956 by Oliveiros Cristinalda, this remains a family-owned business with Rodrigo Cristina, one of the Cristinalda company heirs, now managing director.
Oliveiros has created this drink after observing countryside inhabitants drinking a mixture of medronho, lemon and honey when they had cold winters. Even today Brandymel is more widely known in the colder regions of Portugal and the rest of the world than in Algarve.

Brandymel - Honey liqueur is made in Portugal from Brandy that is sweetened with honey and other flavors. It is recommended as an aperitif (before dinner drink) especially in a cold winter nights in slightly warm glass. It’s a stronger as a digestive.
Created in the 50's, is the result of a timeless and traditional blend of honey and arbutus (medronho in Portuguese) flavored with herbs from the mountains. The production process is based on a blending of natural ingredients carefully selected following a maturation period (not less than 6 months) in oak casks, previously used in port wine.
With a fiery golden color can reflect the light. A pronounced honey aroma, associated with the meadowsweet herb, musk, linden flower, wild chamomile and sweet herbs. Favors the retention of lust and taste in the mouth, the spirit awakens the taste of liquor revealing an underlying firmness and conveying a feeling of warmth balanced.
The liquor is rich in flavor and texture and can be served plain, with ice and lemon or used in cocktails.